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1983: Don Ho

My grandparents took me to Hawaii when I was eight. We all wore matching blue floral shirts to a Don Ho show at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Before the concert started, a man in an E.T. mask came up and asked us if I could be part of the show. We said yes.  E.T. told me that Don would ask for a volunteer at some point, and to remember three answers: No ~ 80 ~ Willie Nelson.

Midway through the show, Don pointed to me as I raised my hand. I sat on a stool in front of hundreds and he put a microphone to my lips.

“Do you know who I am?” he asked.


Audience laughs.

“How old do you think I am?”


Audience laughs louder.

“Who is your favorite singer?”

“Willie Nelson”

Audience loses it. Don feigns humiliation. I go back to my seat and he continues the show. Closing with “Tiny Bubbles.”

…My fame peaked before I was even in double-digits.


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