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2009: Every Vote Really Does Count

In Spring of 2009 I half-heartedly ran for RI City Council. Knocking on doors has never been my thing, and the incumbent was a decent man. It was an experiment as  I was just starting to write the Lane Evans bio and wanted to see what it was like to run for office. And frankly, it felt dirty, especially asking people for donations.

I learned I never want to do again ~ I also learned that every vote really does count.

Three men were running for the open mayoral seat. One was a real-estate developer, another worked at AT&T and the third was a perennial candidate that still lived with his elderly parents.

I felt that the developer was running as a profiteer, and since I didn’t like the AT&T guy,  I gave my vote to the perennial candidate.

The election ended up being a TIE! The top two each got 3,047 votes. My guy got 171.

Ultimately, the race was decided by a coin flip… The AT&T guy won.

A single vote can be a powerful thing.


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