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Recycled Chicken Coop (2015)

My third attempt at a chicken coop. This time I used panels from an old garage door, which had nice windows to observe the chickens (if you do this, be sure to put chicken wire on the inside so they don’t break the glass).

I built it based on the lessons I learned from my first two coops. This one was built about two feet off the ground to prevent predators as well as provide a bit of snow-free roaming space; plenty of doors in the back so I could easily the water and food; a drop-cord to provide electricity for a summer fan and winter water; chicken-wire windows for ventilation; a horizontal ladder hanging in the middle for roosting; a large door so I could easily enter and clean it; and finally a gutter system that fed into a rain barrel which overflowed into a trough for constant water.

The one thing I didn’t  think about was easy access to eggs. The entire reason I have chickens!

The coop was painted by my daughters and lasted roughly five years. It turned out to be very sturdy and comfortable for up to 40 free-ranging chickens, but extremely difficult to clean. It was also built in a low-lying area and would often have water pooled around it.

So, this past summer I set it up in flames.

And my new coop number 4 is perfect… so far. (Story to come.)


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