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Ice Hockey (1996-1998)

In 1996 at the age of 21 I decided I wanted to play ice hockey. I’d never even tied on a pair of ice-skates, but I had some pretty stellar reflexes.

So I went to the ice-rink every day that summer and taught myself to skate. I even went to the tennis courts and had a friend shoot rubber balls at me for hours.

That autumn I tried out for the “club team” at Illinois State in 1996. They didn’t really decline anyone so I “made” the “B” team.

Most nights we literally practiced at midnight, as it was the only available ice-time. And Bloomington-Normal didn’t have a rink, so we had to drive forty  miles to Pekin. Two nights a week we were up until 2am slapping pucks, and then in class a few hours later. Our games were in Peoria about 30 miles away.

I was third-string for the “A” team, but got to play first-string in our club games. The only notable teams we played were the University of Wisconsin Platteville and the University of Illinois.  We lost both by double-digits and I never got onto the ice.

But we won quite a few club games. My GAA was about 3-4. And I was honored with “Most Improved” at the end of the season.

I made friends and had a blast. Most importantly it taught me a huge lesson about working towards a goal.

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