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(This personal website is a journal for virtual posterity, and a collection of fiction for entertainment. Mostly its just for me and those who know me, in case I die early.)


Devin was born in Illinois when the Earth’s population was four billion people. His mother died when he was a baby, so he was raised by his paternal grandparents.

At 17 he won a handful of awards at the Mississippi Valley Writer’s conference. He then went to Illinois State University where he often discussed writing with David Foster Wallace.

During college, Devin took aid to the war victims in Bosnia-Herzegovina; taught himself how to ice-skate and made the club team as a goaltender; served as a volunteer animal abuse investigator;  and started an Animal Welfare group on campus.

After graduation he worked as a Features reporter for an alt-weekly, and covered tennis and wrestling for the local daily. He married at the age of 20, and he and his wife now have three children.

His first book “Sponsored By…” (an over-the-top fictional novel about baby’s being sponsored by corporations) was published with the Midwest Writing Center in 2001. He also had short stories and articles appear in the now defunct “Dead of Night,” “Swank,” and “Slurve.”

Devin opened an independent cinema pub at age 28, and it closed four years later. He worked as a freelance writer and had two of his original plays produced. Then, while simultaneously raising his three daughters at home, Devin started small web  development company which he continues to operate today.

His favorite books are The Killer Inside MeBlood Meridian, and American Psycho. His favorite dog breed is the Norwegian Elkhound and his favorite musicians are Bill Withers and William Elliott Whitmore.

Devin’s latest book, “Guts: the Lane Evans Story” is now available from Strong Arm Press.

In his lifetime, the Earth’s population has doubled to nearly eight billion people. His first word was Baby, because that’s what he was, and his last word will likely be Insignificant.