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Guts: The Lane Evans Story - Devin Hansen

“Guts: The Lane Evans Story”

Published Sept 13, 2019. Strong Arm Press.

Lane Evans was arguably one of the most progressive members of the U.S. Congress during his 12-term tenure in a Midwestern swing district. In Guts: The Lane Evans Story, author Devin Hansen explores Lane’s career as a man who had the guts to vote his conscience rather than what was politically expedient, and chronicles his fighting spirit during those final years enduring Parkinson’s disease. In Hansen’s telling, Lane is proof that a politician can be truthful and idealistic – and still win.

Lane Evans earned widespread respect from both sides of the aisle for his honesty, intelligence, and relentless commitment to veterans’ issues and his constituents. Lane passed in 2014 from complications brought on by Parkinson’s, but his life and legacy endure in these pages.

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Published in 2001

An over-the-top satire of a futuristic dystopia… “Maene Traechal and his pregnant wife, Tevis, live in a flop house for drunken vagrants. Maene cleans highway roadkill by day and scrubs urinals at the world’s largest corporation by night. When the CEO falls in love with Tevis, their dreams of a better life come down to one last hope, that their unborn child will be selected for corporate sponsorship.”


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