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| Published 2006 | It was raining when we walked to Yong’s Restaurant. Anna was on my shoulders. She held the umbrella while I held her shins. The wind kept turning the nylon umbrella into a tulip and we had to stop twice to fix its skeleton. Realign the membrane. Which was just enough to

Sunshine on my Shoulders

One morning I felt like singing that John Denver song, about sunshine and shoulders. It was the first warm day after a long winter that everyone described as “brutal.” I went to work and hurried through my deliveries, finishing the route two hours early. So I strolled downtown with a joint cupped in my hand.

The Red Oven

| One-Act Play from 2013 |   Characters: AUNTIE JEAN: Woman in her fifties or sixties. Frumpy by trying to look glamorous.  TIMOTHY: Thin young man who looks as though he rarely sleeps or eats. JOHN WAYNE: MAE WEST: JAMES CAGNEY: TINA: Young female who works the concession stand. Extras: 3-4 people to play customers

She Works on Tuesdays

| Published in Slurve, 2005 | She works on Tuesdays. Alone in that little German bar, where the prices and decor are stuck in the 70’s. She pours beer with too much foam, but no one ever complains. Not to Kara. Not to those curls. That headdress of blond plumage that is pony-tailed in the