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Farewell Curtis

I thought about Curtis today, while sledding under the eagles. My two daughters and I dressed in our black marshmallow pants and mismatched scarves and hats. The wind turned plastic toboggans into kites, while the eagles soared in circles above us. Six or ten of them, all doing circles above the Mississippi, capitalizing on the […]

Baby Target Practice

“Why’s there a baby head on the counter?” my wife asked me, coming halfway down the basement stairs. “Are you mad?” “Well, its not normal.” I grinned and kept watching television. She was still on the stairs with her coat and briefcase. “So, why’s the baby head in the kitchen?” I told her how I […]


January, 2007: I am neither grave robber nor sadist. Neither saintly nor sick. Melancholy is the only word that can describe my first day of 2007. “Why?” is the first reply everyone has given me. Why did I dig up my best friend? My one true friend through that terrible decade? Why did I dig […]