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1995: Lessons from David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace gave me the best writing lesson I ever had in less than four seconds. It was the mid-90’s and he was a professor at Illinois State University and I’d often talk to him in the halls, rambling about tennis or books while he listened politely.  When I first met him, I had no

1983: Don Ho

My grandparents took me to Hawaii when I was eight. We all wore matching blue floral shirts to a Don Ho show at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Before the concert started, a man in an E.T. mask came up and asked us if I could be part of the show. We said yes.  E.T. told

2009: Every Vote Really Does Count

In Spring of 2009 I half-heartedly ran for RI City Council. Knocking on doors has never been my thing, and the incumbent was a decent man. It was an experiment as  I was just starting to write the Lane Evans bio and wanted to see what it was like to run for office. And frankly,

2007: Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out

Last spring one of my best friends from St. Louis came to visit me. We gave each other a handshake, exchanged pleasantries, and then sat on my patio to chat and watch the birds. “Did I tell you about dressing up as Elvis for the St. Patrick’s Day parade?”  I asked. “Yeah,” he smiled. “Well kind of,

2008: Ice Sculptors in the Information Age

Are all artists are now ice sculptors? We create, they admire, and then its gone. A stadium of poets screaming our verses to a single fan on the field. No true permanence in the land of distraction. Fifteen minutes turned to seconds. The Tweets of Wrath.  Why does a sand sculptor create, despite the tide?   It can be for

2006: Freelance Writing

When I was about fifteen years old, I read Larry Bird’s biography. It said that he started “hitting his shots” when he was fourteen. It made me practice alone in a neighbors driveway everyday for the next year. But I never did master the jumpshot. It made me realize though, that we read biographies of