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    January 14, 2020


    What better way to justify perversion than with the promise of salvation? ~ Nostalgia can be a drug too. ~ One of the best things about monogamy, is that you use condoms for birth-control instead of pest-control. ~ Sometimes I wonder if aliens planted the idea of god in our mind, and they’re tallying our

    Emulating Our Heroes – Jim Thompson (Aug 2008)

    January 14, 2020


    When I was about fifteen years old, I read Larry Bird’s biography. It said that he started “hitting his shots” when he was fourteen. So I practiced alone in a neighbors driveway every night for the next year. But I never did master the jumpshot.  It made me realize though, that we read biographies of people we

    Oct 2006: Graverobbing

    November 8, 2019


    I went to Loki’s grave one night. Drunk in the dark woods. I swayed back and forth over his homemade headstone, wanting to pound my fist into the dirt.  To punch deep into the black soil and feel his fur for one last time. To have his smell on my hands. To bend his ears


    October 12, 2019


    | Published 2006 | It was raining when we walked to Yong’s Restaurant. Anna was on my shoulders. She held the umbrella while I held her shins. The wind kept turning the nylon umbrella into a tulip and we had to stop twice to fix its skeleton. Realign the membrane. Which was just enough to